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Home and Office

There are many applications for handmade tile molding. Almost anything that can be done in wood can be made in clay. Quarter and half round is available in ½ and ¾” thickness and I can also make them to your specs. Chair rail, nose and cove, case, cove and numerous decorative applications can all be made to order. We can pre-miter corners and returns for a specific job.

Geometric and mosaic-type backsplashes can be created and produced for any area.


A client usually provides ideas and a conversation with drawings may go back and forth a few times before the tiles are agreed upon for production. We are happy to make glazed or plain field tiles for use in conjunction with other decorative tiles.

To order custom tiles or for information about one of the designs seen here, please leave us a message on the contact page.


The dolphin tiles pictured are a collaboration with colleague, Christina Rang

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